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Feraud Calixte

Founder, Vantage Pointe Planning

As a business-minded person, Feraud Calixte has long been interested in financial markets. So, after earning his juris doctor degree, he decided a career in wealth advising was a better fit than law. He got his feet wet working for several national wealth management firms before starting his own, named Vantage Pointe Planning, in 2019. “I’m entrepreneurial by nature,” he said.

He’s differentiated himself by his fee structure (hourly, based on client needs) and by targeting clientele that’s overlooked by the traditional model, namely, those who don’t meet an asset minimum and business owners whose assets are tied up in their enterprise. “It was an opportunity to work with people that traditionally have been underserved,” he says.

Calixte also diversifies his own portfolio. He recently developed a co-working space, which he works out of, himself; and he owns several affordable housing communities—an investment he views as a win-win for the investor as well as the community residents.

“When I think about how I interact with people in general, whether it’s wealth management clients, or stakeholders in properties, I just want to treat people with respect and dignity,” he says. “The tagline on my website says, ‘Your net worth is not your self-worth,’ and that really resonates with me.”

— Kate Silver