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Financial adviser, VLP Financial Advisors

Creating instructional materials for federal auditors proved to be great training for adviser Belle Osvath, who describes herself as a financial translator. “My job then was to break down complex concepts into teachable information, and that’s what I do now.”

While good at her craft, Osvath realized over the course of six years that it wasn’t her passion. A millennial, she wanted to use her talents to help others like her, especially those struggling with student loans. “A lot of people in my generation have trouble building wealth because of their debts,” said Osvath, who landed a position at her hybrid firm seven years ago despite having little financial background. She quickly earned certifications as a financial planner and investment fiduciary, and recently as a student loan professional.

In addition, Osvath founded a non-profit, Let’s Talk About Debt, which offers counselling and education. She sees the federal and private student loan programs as very complex, and believes that many high schoolers and their parents don’t know what they’re getting into. “No one has a vested interest in educating anyone about student loans,” Osvath says. “I want to empower borrowers so that nobody can take advantage of them.”

Evan Cooper