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Thao Truong

Associate wealth adviser, Morton Wealth

Growing up in Vietnam, Thao Truong wanted to be a doctor. But when her mother fell into a bad business deal, Truong aspired to be the family’s savior. For college, she immigrated to the U.S. to learn about wealth, and realized salvation wouldn’t happen overnight. But in time, she would learn to help empower her family — and others — to better manage money and make informed decisions.

As a wealth adviser in the Los Angeles area, one passion of Truong’s is working with women, especially those going through life changes, such as divorce — something she’s gone through, herself. She’s a member of the National Association of Divorce Professionals and in training to become a certified divorce financial analyst. To that end, she teaches womento feel more comfortable with financial topics and become better investors. “I saw through my clients that they don’t talk enough about money,” she said.

Recently, Truong helped develop and launch Herself, an initiative by Morton Wealth that helps women gain more confidence, comfort and clarity around financial and life goals. “I find it’s very fulfilling to help not just clients, but the community,” Truong said. “Because this type of financial knowledge should be extended to everybody, not just people who can afford it.”

Her own life sets a powerful example.

— Kate Silver