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Steve Drost

Founder, Drost Financial

A self-described “numbers nerd” and people person, Steve Drost found his ideal career match in financial planning, where he strives to make clients’ dreams come true. “I get to change people’s lives,” he said.

Drost learned the ropes of financial advising and financial planning working at two different firms after graduating college. When his role went remote during the pandemic, he realized he wanted that flexibility and freedom to continue, so in 2021 he founded his own firm. Now, in between working with about 50 clients, he relishes the fact that he can be there for his wife, Marissa, and their two sons, Calvin, who’s 2, and Carter, who was born in May.

In his free time, Drost is deeply involved in his community. He spent two years as a volunteer firefighter, and he gives his time and expertise to his church, advising its leaders on finances and leading a class for soon-to-be-married couples on financial literacy. There, as he talks about the importance of communication, his number nerdery and his soft skills shine.

“My top piece of advice is share everything, communicate and figure out the ‘why,’” he said. “The numbers are the easy part — they can’t lie to you.”

— Kate Silver