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Mark Agnew

Vice president, Goldman Sachs

Mark Agnew first started investing when he was in middle school. He’d mow lawns and put half the money in the stock market. “It really taught me savings from an early age,” said Agnew, a wealth manager at Goldman Sachs, who has been in the financial industry for 10 years. “Here I am now, helping other people plan their financial future.”

In his work with clients, Agnew said his goal is to help alleviate people’s financial anxiety, to the benefit of their mental health, “and create clarity and confidence.”

He also works hard behind the scenes at the office to foster a working environment that’s welcoming to all. “As an LGBTQ+ adviser I am dedicated to serving all populations and I realize that it is imperative to make financial planning accessible and a viable career for everyone,” he says. Through the firm’s client engagement efforts, he’s participated in a number of events benefiting LGBTQ+ organizations and aimed at diverse recruitment and retention; he’s also been a mentee and now serves as a mentor. And he’s a member of Goldman Sachs LGBTQ+ Americas Firmwide Client Engagement Committee and the Dallas LGBTQ+ Steering Committee.

“I want people to know that when you’re coming to Goldman Sachs, you can bring your authentic self to work,” Agnew said. “We embrace everyone.”

— Kate Silver