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Founder and managing director, Cooksen Wealth

“I feel comfortable in a wide variety of environments — it kind of gives me a superpower,” said Lindsey Cooksen, founder of Cooksen Wealth and board member of a Fortune 500 company. Although it’s a humorous reference, her positive attitude helped her substantially grow her two-year-old practice during the global pandemic.

Her days playing college basketball influenced her success. “The transition from collegiate athlete to Wall Street was quite seamless,” Cooksen said “Both roles share inherent synergies like high expectations, a fast-paced environment and a results orientation. And as with basketball, I always start out with a goal, but I do a lot of pivoting.”

Supportive role models, such as her parents, successful Ivy League graduates, enabled her to “see it and be it,” and in turn inspired Cooksen to give back to others. Over the course of her career, whether working in a wirehouse or private practice, she has mentored dozens of female and minority colleagues. She is aware of the impact of her visibility as a role model. “As an entrepreneur — a minority, a female and a mom — I realized I need to be the person the next person is looking for,” she said.

Deborah Nason