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Managing director, private wealth management, Goldman Sachs

Reflecting on her role as managing director and San Francisco region head of private wealth management for Goldman Sachs, Katie Hyde said she thrives on setting the strategic direction of the region, which prides itself on innovation. “Our clients are asking us to push our own industry forward, for example, investing for climate change. I’m able to work on emerging trends. It’s fun and it’s exciting.”

Hyde, who has been with the firm since graduating from college, also embraces her role as a mom. “I love the fact that I’m a woman and a working mother,” and she advises leaders to be honest about their personal motivations. “What’s been very important to me in taking on this position was being my authentic self … [taking] a leadership role that showed I could have a very visible and successful leader role and be a very present mother. It’s a legacy to my children.”

She also seeks to grow a more diverse adviser group. “Women advisers are really good and we need more of them. In this seat, I get to help them thrive.”

— Deborah Nason