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Managing director, wealth management services, EP Wealth Advisors

Promoted to managing director earlier this year, Erin Voisin is not only busy overseeing four departments and 32 people, she also finds time to chair the financial literacy initiative at her $12 billion RIA firm and run its intern program. In addition, selected on the basis of her leadership skills and passion for financial planning, Voisin serves as a CFP Board ambassador. What drives her? “I really believe in the power of financial planning to improve people’s lives and ease their burdens,” she says, especially in cases where illness strikes.

Voisin knows that pain firsthand: She lost her mother and other close relatives to cancer, and several other family members are in remission. Not wanting “people to have to worry about money on top of everything else they’re going through,” she does pro bono financial planning for cancer patients and their families through the nonprofit Family Reach program.

A strong advocate for women, Voisin is developing a guide financial firms can use to create women’s resource groups based on the EP Wealth Women’s Initiative she launched and led for several years. When not at the office, she and her husband are raising a 1-year-old, a 5-year-old and a foster child.

— Evan Cooper