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Dustin Javier

Founder, Defined Capital

Before Dustin Javier was born, his parents moved from the Philippines to the United States to start a new life. Growing up, he saw them struggle with finances, especially when it was time for him and his two older brothers to go to college. “It put a financial burden on our parents to fund that for us,” he said.

Now, as owner of Defined Capital in Chicago, he works with families — many of whom are Filipino — to educate them on ways to save for things like college for their children and for retirement. “It’s really fulfilling, helping clients that look like my family,” he said.

He also conducts workshops, such as the Federal Reserve’s Money Smart Week program, and speaks to professional groups to promote financial literacy and education, and he mentors young Asian-American professionals through a nonprofit organization.

But perhaps his most important education happens at home, with his three sons, ages 6, 3 and 1. He’s already started investment accounts for the older two, and they buy stocks of interest (like Disney and Roblox) and talk about what it means.

“I want them to just be very smart and prudent with their investments with their money,” Javier said. “And to teach it to their kids.”

— Kate Silver