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Breanna Stott

Chief executive , Finwell

Breanna Stott didn’t learn much about finance until she started working at a bank at age 19. Now, as founder and CEO of Finwell, a financial planning and wealth management company headquartered in Los Angeles, she believes her background serves her well. “I’m able to relate to people more from all walks of life, because I experienced the day-to-day struggles of the working class,” she said.

Stott launched Finwell with a mission of trust and transparency. She knew too many friends and family members who’d been burned by bad financial advice. “The individuals available to them were in more sales positions and less advisory positions,” she said.

At Finwell, a registered fiduciary, she helps people who may not qualify for traditional advising services. She also provides financial education to nonprofit organizations, and is a member of Exceptional Women Awardees, a mentoring organization for professional women, whom she educates on taking control of their finances.

“I really enjoy helping people reach their goals. And through financial advising and planning, I’m able to get really close to people and better understand what their passions are, and I help them reach their passions,” Stott said. “The way that I value my life is through the amount of help I’m able to give others.”

— Kate Silver